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Master Barbers Servicing Every Demographic in NOVA and the DC Metro Area.

Clean Shaves and Haircuts

Since 2012, Unique Styles Barber Shop has been providing grooming services to clients throughout the DC Metropolitan area. Our barbers are licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

When we first opened our shop in Alexandria, VA, we recognized a serious gap in the market. There is no reason why clients should have to travel to our barber shop when we have all the necessary tools to bring our services to your doorstep.

Ultimately, our mission is to help our clients achieve the best look possible, at a price they can afford. Whether you visit our barber shop, or take advantage of our mobile services, we will make sure you get the services you're looking for.

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All services must be pre-booked and confirmed 24 hours in advance. Contact us to schedule your next appointment, or book online.